"Grain Terminal Zabaikalsk" Ltd is an authorized by the company operator of  the first railway grain terminal Zabaikalsk-Manchuria.

The main services of the Terminal are grain handling and resolving technical problems related to the different gauge standards used in Russia and China (1520mm and 1435mm), which excludes cars transit through.

"Grain Terminal Zabaikalsk" is an international project. It opens a new landmark in the history of Zabaikalsk railway junction in Siberia, as well as in the Russian-Chinese relations, as it becomes a key element of the "New export grain channel Siberia-China."

It took originators considerable amount of time and resources to implement the project, because:

  • it required approvals and coordinated approach from subjects of the Siberian Federal District.
  • It affected intergovernmental relations, where there were restrictions until recently,  food safety issues between the two countries, where food safety was a regulated area, both in Russia and China;
  • it also required to develop entirely new technical solutions ("know-how").

First the project was presented to the general public at the meeting of the Inter-regional Association "Siberian Agreement» (www.sibacc.ru) in Chita in December 2013. Then it was approved by the Expert Council of the association.