Create environment for developing:

  • Commercially promising and historically justified Siberian export grain market in China.
  • Export-oriented production of grain in the Siberian Federal District (SFD).
  • Grain Logistics and grain trading in SFD.
  • As well as assistance to increase employment and economic security of the rural population, and integrate development of the SFD rural areas.


  • Our main goal is to create a key element in the infrastructure of the new export grain channel Siberia-China, which is railway grain terminal Zabaikalsk-Manchuria.
  • We also aim to find a way to eliminate existing distribution cost, limitation in export logistics,  and solve the technical problem of grain handling caused by the difference of gauge standards used in Russia and China (1520mm and 1435mm, which prevents cars from the transit through).
  • We want to provide shareholders with the highest level of profitability, remaining the faithful approach to the company's mission and  observing moral and social principles of  the business to society.