The first border railway grain terminal solves the problem caused by the difference of railroad gauges. It opens a new landmark in the history of Zabaikalsk railway junction in Siberia, as well as in the Russian-Chinese relations, as it becomes a key element of the new export grain channel Siberia-China.

Terminal`s functioning organically combines interests of citizens, the State and business (agricultural and from related industries). Being commercially initiated this business has become a tool for meeting the public interest, as well as for implementing social and sectoral programs. The project provides conditions for developing commercially promising market of export-oriented grain production (which doesn't exist today), grain logistics and grain trading in the Siberian Federal District.

Growth of the crop industry will stimulate agricultural development in all of Siberia, including animal husbandry, processing industry and logistic infrastructure. As a result it will:

  • greatly contribute to the integrated development of rural areas, including growth of tax revenues in  budgets of all levels;
  • increase employment and economic security of the rural population
  • consolidate the existing and attract new entrants to the industry, including entrants from the farmer economy;
  • ensure the income predictability and interests security for most of agricultural producers.