On the eve of his arrival to Russia, Chinese President Xi Jinping, in an interview with TASS, shared his vision of China-Russia further comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation.

Speaking about deepening financial and investment cooperation, he noted "the establish of the Sino-Russian Investment Fund for regional development" (read more on http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/world/2017xivisitgermany/2017-07/04/content_29985862.htm )

According to the results of the Russian-Chinese negotiations, Russian and Chinese sides signed Declaration of the Russian-Chinese Investment Fund for Regional Development with a capital of 100 billion RMB. As the representative of the fund said the priority projects of the Foundation include major infrastructure projects in the Far East of Russia, including development of Primorye 1 and Primorye 2 international transport corridors, the construction of the "Grain Terminal Zabaikalsk" and a number of joint projects of "Rosatom" and the company CNNC (China Nuclear Corporation).

The managing company of the Russian-Chinese Investment Fund for Regional Development was registered in Moscow on June 27, 2017. The bilateral cooperation project is designed to promote the expansion and diversification of trade and economic cooperation between Russia and China.