October 11, 2017 in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation was held the 4th meeting of the Subcommittee on Agriculture of the Russian-Chinese Commission introducing the regular meetings of the government headsThe parties talked over a range of topical issues of cooperation, including bilateral trade, ensuring mutual access of agricultural products to the marketstrengthening regional cooperation.

Also, they paid much attention to question of how to improve the business investment climate in agriculture. Chairman of the Russian part of the Subcommittee, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Nepoklonov and Chairman of Chinese part, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China Qu Dongyu discussed the prospects for cooperation within joint development Sino-Russia agricooperation program.

In the framework of discussion of joint infrastructure projects in the agro-industrial complexKaren Ovsepyanthe General Director of the Zabaikalsk Grain Terminal, LLC made a report regarding the implementation of “The New Russia-China Land Grain Corridor”, the Initiative supported by the President of Russia. Currently, the work on the Project is conducted in three large interconnected and at the same time independent ways.

First of all, it is a construction of the Zabaikalsk grain terminal, then a design and construction of 29 nodal elevator infrastructure in Siberia, the last is a development in Siberia of “contract production" of grain in long-term contracts with fixed volumes and a formular pricing.  During the meeting, Mr. Qu Dongyu assessed the prospects for the presented principle of "contract production" and expressed interest in cooperation in the field of infrastructure development. He proposed to discuss the possibility of cooperation with the newly created and presented at the conference "COFCO Far East".