On May 7, 2018, The President signed Executive Order on National Goals and Strategic Objectives of the Russian Federation through to 2024. One of the strategic goals is "supporting high-productivity export-oriented businesses in the basic sectors of the economy, primarily, in manufacturing and the agroindustrial complex, based on modern technology and staffed with highly qualified employees. ".

According the point 14 The President has instructed the Government to ensure the following goals by 2024:

- to increase in the volume of exports (in value terms) of non-primary non-energy goods in the amount of US$ 250 billion per year, including engineering products - US$ 50 billion per year and agro-industrial products - US$ 45 billion per year, as well as volume export of services in the amount of US$100 billion per year.

- to make industrial, agrarian and trade policies changes, including measures of state support, to improve competitiveness of Russian goods (works, services) and its presence on foreign markets.

- to reduce of administrative procedures and barriers in international trade, including the abolition of excessive requirements for export licensing and currency control, the organization (by 2021) of the interaction of international trade entities with regulatory bodies on the principle of a "one-stop shop".

- to complete of a flexible line of financial instruments for export support (by 2021), including expanded pre-export, export and equity financing, leasing and long-term support measures.

- to remove logistical restrictions when exporting goods using rail, road and sea transport, as well as the construction (modernization) of checkpoints across the state border of the Russian Federation.

- to establish a unified system of institutions for promoting exports, which provides for the modernization of trade missions of the Russian Federation abroad.