ne4Terminal specifications are based on the vision of its production program and are as follows:

  • volume of simultaneous storage (based on wheat with natural weight 0.75kg \ liter) - up to 80 000 tonnes;
  • annual volume of grain transshipment (wheat, based on a full-scale weighing 0.75kg \ liter) - up to 8 000 000 tonnes.

Potential range of transhipped products includes all crops grown in commercial quantities in the territory of the Siberian Federal District, such as wheat, barley, rye, oats, corn.

Operation cycle of the terminal is 24/7 all year-round.

Silos functions:

  • 14 flat-bottomed silos for grain storage;
  • 2 silos for grain legumes storage.

The annual turnover of the grain in the first stage is up to 4 million tons (67,000 cars).

The annual turnover of the grain with the planned capacity is up to 8 million tons (134,000 cars).

The average daily turnover of the grain through the transit quarantine elevator is 11 000 - 22 000 tons.

The average daily number of railcars, arriving for unloading from the Russian Federation (FFV) is 180 - 360 cars.

Performance of the elevator transport equipment is 1200 tons / hour (or 2 x 600 t / h each railway line).