RCP Zabaikalsk is the largest railway crossing point on the Russian-Chinese border that provides up to 60% of turnover between these two countries.

Distinguishing feature of this RCP compare to other similar border crossing points in Zabaikalsk - is the need for goods transshipment, caused by the different of gauge standards used in Russia and China (1520mm and 1435mm), which excludes railcars transit through.

The station has a complex railway junction with 9 parks and 6 places for transshipment. To develop transport infrastructure, it was decided to reconstruct railway crossing point Zabaikalsk and include it in the federal target program "State Border of the Russian Federation 2012-2020 years."

Reconstruction of the RCP  Zabaikalsk involves the construction of new buildings, premises and facilities that are necessary to accommodate a stationary inspection system. It also includes setting the place for overdrive and inspection of detained goods, sanitary deadlock, other infrastructure and automation.

That will reduce the processing time and increase capacity of the RCP Zabaikalsk.

Zabaikalsky Manzhouli 1