Contemporary "Railway crossing point (ZHDPP) Zabaikalsk" is located in the Trans-Baikal district of the Trans-Baikal Region (where the administrative center is pgt.Zabaykalsk). It has borders with China and Mongolia.

February 10, 1901 the first train from the Russian station Maciejewski came to the Chinese station Manchuria by the newly built Chinese Eastern Railway (CER). In 1903, the CER was put into operation.

After the beginning of Russian-Japanese war in 1904-1905 the roads were lacking the capacity for the military transport to go through. During the summer in 1904 there were urgently built 58 patrols, including patrol №86 on the stretch between Maciejewski and Manzhouli.

The patrol had a new stage of development after the Republic of China was proclaimed on the 1st of October, 1949.

New facilities were designed and built with the accelerated pace. During this period there were built all existing parks, stations, places for reloading and rearranging rail cars, as well as houses and a club. With the new infrastructure we were able to significantly increase export and import processing of cargo. The station had the most beautiful railway station on the road, where regular international passenger traffic on the route Moscow - Beijing was running.

In 1966, the Zabaikalsk village became a center of the district. In 1975 there was a gradual increase in turnover. A new stage of station equipment reconstruction and construction of municipal infrastructure and housing have started. There were built office buildings, a gym and hotel. Technology of the station has significantly changed.


After the reconstruction, "Eastern Railway Gate of the Country" finally opened for flows of tourists and goods that rushed from Russia to China and back through Zabaikalsk. New federal venues were built and existing ones were technically re-equipped.

Reconstruction of the railway station made it possible to turn it into a powerful cargo processing complex that was providing more than 60% of bilateral Russian-Chinese trade.

Prospects and the importance of Zabaikalsk railway junction for the expansion of Russian-Chinese trade and economic relations can not be overestimated.

 RCP Zabaikalsk is a part of the international project called "The economic zone of the Great Silk Road." The construction of the first cross-border railway grain terminal will open a new milestone in both the history of Zabaikalsk railway junction in Siberia and in Russian-Chinese relations. RCP  Zabaikalsk will become a key element of the "new grain export channel between Siberia and China.