Yuri Trutnev: the grain terminal will become a prerequisite for increasing agricultural production in Transbaikalia and the Far East in general
As part of a working trip to the Transbaikal Territory, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation - Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev got acquainted with the process of construction of the first grain railway terminal Zabaikalsk-Manchuria.

Grain Terminal Zabaikalsk is a key element of the Russian-Chinese New Land Grain Corridor program, which was approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2016. Works are performed within the framework of the federal "International Trade Logistics" project as the part of the national "International Cooperation and Export" project.

Grain Terminal Zabaikalsk will become the world's first specialized full-cycle land-based grain terminal. It will comply with the requirements of the Rosselkhoznadzor, Russia's agricultural safety watchdog and meet the requirements concerning biological safety level and the GTU of the PRC in terms of traceability, safety, separate storage and transshipment of up to 8 million tons of grains, legumes and oilseed per year. The launch of the terminal will eliminate infrastructural restrictions on the access of domestic, primarily Far Eastern and Siberian, manufacturers and exporters to China as world's largest market, and will also stimulate production growth in these regions.

“Unique in terms of its technical characteristics and biological safety level, with regard to the strategic importance for Russia in the formation of new chains in the Eastern directions, Grain Terminal Zabaikalsk is not so much an export gate with a capacity of 8 million tons of grain per year, but a starting point for increasing production over a large area from the Southern Urals to the Far East, doubling and, later on, tripling production volumes, and this means strengthening both our own food industry and increasing Russia’s role in shaping the food security of Greater Eurasia,” said Karen Ovsepyan, CEO of the Grain Terminal Zabaikalsk LLC.

Necessary works at the facility are actively carried out, more than 300 builders are working at the construction site around the clock, and at the peaking period their number reached 500 people.
All investments made for the project are private, their volume will amount to 9.5 billion rubles, more than 8 billion rubles of which have already been invested in the project. The investor is presented by the group of companies"New Land Grain Corridor" . The enterprises provide 305 highly paid jobs.

The construction of a cross-border grain terminal in the TPD "Transbaikalia" began a little over a year ago. During this time, more than 9 million cubic meters of rock have been excavated and dumped, all main and auxiliary facilities have been erected, 299, 40-foot containers of equipment have been delivered, its installation is being completed, and from July 15, 2022, start-up and commissioning is expected.
«We are getting closer to the terminal opening. Installation of technological equipment is almost completed. JSC "RZD", confirmed the passage of the first train for commissioning, by September 1, the readiness is 2.5 thousand tons of selected soybeans at our elevator, which we laid down for solemn shipment. A train from China has already passed through a wide wheel track, soon a train will pass from Russia on a narrow wheel track,” as the investor said.

“I consider that such projects are very important' because not only create opportunities for export, but create opportunities for increasing production, the possibilities of developing new areas under crops, because when people realize that their products are in demand, they can expand production, produce more agricultural products,” said Yuri Trutnev.
According to the press service of the Office of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District.
Source: 75.ru
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