Vedomosti: Russia May Invest $30.8 Billion in Railway Infrastructure in Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China
Russia may invest up to $30.8 billion by 2030 to develop railway infrastructure projects in Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. This was reported by Vedomosti with reference to the presentation of the Ministry of Transport of Russia. The projects of the Ministry of Transport should be the basis for the national development model in the «current geopolitical reality», which we discussed earlier.
According to the newspaper, the funds will go to the construction of three new railway checkpoints on the borders of Russia. These funds will also be used to build 369 km of railway tracks in Russia and 3 thousand km in Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. There may be at least seven large-scale construction projects. According to experts interviewed by the newspaper, their construction could take up to seven years.
According to Vedomosti, the largest project will be the creation of an international transport corridor: Russia — Mongolia — China. The railway will be built along the Elegest — Kyzyl — Kuragino route, with access to China through Mongolia. Also, the allocated funds will be used to build 226 km of railway in Mongolia to the border with China, 56 km along the Lesozavodsk — Hulin (China) route.
The Ministry of Transport also proposes to resume the work of the Dzhalinda-Mohe (China) border checkpoint, which was closed in the early 2000s. In the Trans-Baikal Territory, one railway border checkpoint with China can be built and the Solovyevsk — Eren-Tsav (Mongolia) checkpoint can be upgraded with the extension of railway lines to the border with China. According to Vedomosti, the funds may be used to invest in the construction of a transit line in Kazakhstan: Ayagoz — Bakhty with access to the border with China.
Russian companies began their «pivot to the East» as a result of EU and US sanctions. Experts note that due to poor logistics infrastructure of the Far East, businesses face the challenge of creating new supply chains.
Source: kommersant.ru
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